Reflection on Social Networks in Education

March 27, 2012

Dang, Duffy done it again.  Last class we were talking about social networks and how they can benefit the learning of kids, particularly rural kids, who might be interested in a somewhat rare subject that no one else physically around them is.  I never thought about social networks having that function, when I think social networking I think about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (remember MySpace?!).  But admittedly I am a social networking addict too, especially when I consider all the gardening forums and blogs I can spend an entire day engrossed in as social networking.

I think its a great idea to connect kids to like-minded people throughout the world, I just wonder how best to connect them to quality conversation and education sites?  Maybe creating a delicious page for the class?  Or compiling a page of worthy links on the class website?  Or even spending class time helping them find the ultimate site that interests them?

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