Looking back on this semester, I’m really impressed at all the learning that took place.  I truly feel we have the resources and confidence we need to start bringing new technology into our future classrooms.  Also, I think that those of us who were a little skeptical about the need for additional technology in the lives of today’s children have been swayed to agree that there are some great opportunities for learning out there, and surely more to come.

My way of thinking has changed, I thought I was not tech savvy, but now I know that pretty much any application of technology in the classroom can be learned with a little trial and error.  It will be interesting to see how much farther ahead kids are in just a few years.  My friend’s two year old son can do just about anything with an iphone, and they swear they never taught him how to use it.  I can tell you it took me quite some time to get that thing figured out!

All in all, I’m stoked to have learned all of this, especially website building (check out my non-school related site I built this semester here!)  I loved the 50 Ways to Tell a Story site, because it is jam packed with super great tools.  Smartboard has never been of interest to me, but I’m glad we worked with it a little bit, it will be needed to integrate a lot of the other applications we will use.  I look forward to continuing to share resource finds with my classmates over the next couple of years.  By the sounds of things, we will be the pioneers in the schools as far as technology goes, it seems most teachers are not quite there yet.


Dang, Duffy done it again.  Last class we were talking about social networks and how they can benefit the learning of kids, particularly rural kids, who might be interested in a somewhat rare subject that no one else physically around them is.  I never thought about social networks having that function, when I think social networking I think about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (remember MySpace?!).  But admittedly I am a social networking addict too, especially when I consider all the gardening forums and blogs I can spend an entire day engrossed in as social networking.

I think its a great idea to connect kids to like-minded people throughout the world, I just wonder how best to connect them to quality conversation and education sites?  Maybe creating a delicious page for the class?  Or compiling a page of worthy links on the class website?  Or even spending class time helping them find the ultimate site that interests them?