Reflections on creative methods of presentation AND goal for EDCI 336

January 11, 2012

Wow, looking at the website 50 Ways to Tell a Story is super overwhelming!  All the tools presented can be amazing if done right, but how to choose which tools to use, and where to find the time to learn them?

I can see these types of presentations being great in the classroom, engaging the students more than whiteboards, books, or even powerpoint.  In my school days, I remember it always being a treat or reward to watch any form of media during class time, how cool is it that we can now create learning opportunities for our students on whatever subject matter we choose!

Using them as a tool for the students to express themselves is exciting too, except I wonder about having enough lab time or enough access to computers during class time for the students to be able to create their projects?  However I guess my future students will be that much more tech-savvy than I am and able to pick it up in no time.

My goal for this course is to learn one tool from each category (ie storybook, slideshow, collage) to a point at which I am comfortable using it in a classroom setting.  I will complete this goal by using some of the tools for projects in other classes if possible, as well as developing them for use in my practicum.


6 Responses to “Reflections on creative methods of presentation AND goal for EDCI 336”

  1. Wendell Says:

    Too much information sometimes makes me overload. Sometimes I get bitter about the internet when I look for something I think would be simple to find but I get lost with everything out there and I can’t find the information I am lookinf for.

  2. Sounds like you are going to need one laptop per child in your classroom. Do you think in 50 years it will be a treat/novelty to get off the technology and read a book or do a worksheet?

    • jwindle Says:

      Interesting question! I already think its a treat to get off the technology and quietly read a book… but I was always that way. I hope that through all the technological advances I will still find the odd bookworm in my class.

  3. edci336nrake Says:

    I think it will be great too that each of us are able to share our own web tool so we can all see how a few of them work and we can pick what we like about each one. You’re probably right about our future students being far more tech-savvy than us! But it’s all part of learning I suppose. I used Tikatok and it ended up being VERY simple, so I could see it being very student-friendly for younger students.

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